0.92: Can't drag in browser mode if there are marked files

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0.92: Can't drag in browser mode if there are marked files

Post by JMM72 » Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:46 pm

XnView MP 0.92 - 64 bit
OS: Windows 7 64bit

In browser mode, if there are marked files, when trying to drag a selection to the folder tree or among the thumbnails to reorder, a window appears asking if the operation should use the selected files, or the marked files. That in effect nullifies the drag, cancelling the operation.

Such window appears when copying/moving without using drag & drop, e.g. Alt+M, and it is useful since often I have a set of marked files (for later operation) while working with another set of selected files (for next operation). Only recently (in 0.92, maybe 0.91) it has appeared also when drag & drop.

Effect: the operaction can't be finished.

To reproduce:
1. In any folder with images, in browser mode, mark one or more images.
2. Now select other image or images.
3. Drag the selection.
4. The window asking which of marked or selected files are to be used in the operation appears.
Actual behaviour (bug): regardless of the option chosen, the drag & drop operation is cancelled.

Expected behaviour: no window should appear - operation should work with currently selected files.

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