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Re: Xnview MP Dark UI Enhancement

Posted: Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:39 pm
by miki
XnTriq wrote:@Pierre: Can you make the border “styleable” by setting QTabBar::drawBase() to false?
Hello, any new luck removing that border base line produced by QTabBar? I'm trying to disable the drawBase feature in style sheet by

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    qproperty-drawBase: 0; 
    qproperty-movable: 0;
But alas the vertical tabs are still rendered with the base line :( The qproperty-drawBase seems to work only for the file tabs, while disabling movable (qproperty-movable) works everywhere. If only we could somehow change color of that evil base line or overlap it, because it has very light color and looks distracting in my dark theme.