Minor issue with extra *.ICO for the tool-bars…

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Minor issue with extra *.ICO for the tool-bars…

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:) Hello !

• To get a transparent background on the bitmap-strip of icons one has to use Magenta pink (255 - 0 - 255) for it.
That stands for images up to 24 BPP.
- So far, so good…

- But when one wishes to add extra icons for missing patterns,
naturally that feature doesn't work, the Magenta is displayed “as is”.
- That's annoying when a user who has not any specialized icon editor needs to draw some pattern quickly
with i.e. MS-Paint and XnView to convert.

• With 8 BPP icons, now it's no longer possible to edit the palette (colour-map) and set a transparent colour,
since all *.ICO are processed as 32 BPP.
- That worked in old 1.8… versions though, but indeed all users don't keep old versions… :|

• So, like I suggested already, maybe another way could be found to add icons
for patterns beyond the current last #44 one…

¤ I thought to :

1. Use standalone bitmaps instead of *.ICO (one per pattern). Hm… I guess there is no fat chance it works…

2. Allow a second bitmap like i.e. <main2.bmp> as the continuation of the current one.
- Of course, the order of the patterns might be defined officially, the first being #45.
- This could have an advantage :  It could ease the updates, instead to rebuild the single main bitmap to add patterns.
<Main.bmp> got very wide and it's inconvenient to draw on such endless strips…
That should avoid to reach i.e. 86 patterns on a single strip
(Yes, that exists, I have this in a soft, and drew a set of bitmaps, not a piece of cake ! :( ).

• What do you think ?

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