Sort by Subfolder, then Filename

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Sort by Subfolder, then Filename

Post by cajhin »

(I'm surprised I didn't find this suggestion - did I miss an existing option?)

Use Case:
I have a photo collection sorted by theme, in subfolders.
I want to view them in exactly the order as they are on disk.

When I click "Show subfolders", all files are sorted by filename; typically in chronological order.
It's the same issue when you have 5 sessions with files named 0001...0100.

Have an option "Sort by subfolder, then filename" somewhere. Or make it the default behaviour? (I never ever want to see subfolders sorted by filename only).

Order should be

(NOT 1 1 2 2)

Bonus points:
I would like to navigate with the cursor keys. <> next previous file, ^v next previous dir