Single click for Crop

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Michael Dsouza
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Single click for Crop

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I use a Full Frame Camera to shoot Sports where the action is really fast and there is no time to make any kind of adjustments, the only option is to keep shooting then come home, load them onto PC & edit every single picture, I mostly use the Crop feature in XnView but find it cumbersome to press Shift + X to delete/remove the unwanted areas in my pictures after selecting the required/wanted parts.
My Suggestion is there should be a feature in XnView where we can select the Tab/button on my keyboard to Delete the Unwanted parts in my pictures.
Regards & Thanks.
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Re: Single click for Crop

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I definitely understand what you want. :-)

However, there are several features to help you in this regard:

1. Customize your shortcut.

1a. Go to Tools | Settings | Interface | Shortcuts
1b. Select „Viewer” from the drop-down menu in order to choose the keymappings for the actions in the Viewer.
1c. Search for „Crop...”
1d. Press your desired shortcut in the „Shortcut for selected action” field. Yes, you can use a single keystroke.

2. Crop, save & Next

2a. Double-click on the first image you want to crop
2b. DO NOT select the desired part which you want to crop and go to Edit | Crop... (or press your shortcut)
- the Crop toolbar appears

2c. Select your desired area to crop.

Here you can use „Save Selection As...” (self-explanatory) and/or „Crop, Save & Next” which is a super-fast way to crop a lot of images. Beware, „Crop, Save & Next...” will overwrite your originals!
m. Th.

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