Import & Sort: Custom destination folder

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Import & Sort: Custom destination folder

Post by m.Th. »

Please make the „Subfolder” drop-down list from Import & Sort dialog editable.

In other words, from this:
Captură de ecran 2023-11-19 190938.jpg
To this: (adapted, of course)
Captură de ecran 2023-11-19 191152.jpg
It is very important because usually when the user downloads his media, he wants to write down the name of the event from where the video/photo report comes.

Also, it is important to have the last value persisted between the sessions.

This is especially important when someone has to shoot with multiple cameras at an event (news event, wedding, sports event, interviews - usually an interview is shoot with at least 3 (three) cameras etc.) and the files should be grouped by the name of the same event even if they are downloaded in different sessions.

Of course, just the datetime isn't enough for this.
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m. Th.

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