Automatic Deskew needs "auto-crop" and "anti-aliasing"

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Automatic Deskew needs "auto-crop" and "anti-aliasing"

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In Image View: Image => Rotate => Automatic Deskew
Needs same options (or included by default, because it's already named "Automatic" :-) like regular (free) Rotate...
*) "auto-crop" ... because manual cropping afterwards is a more painful task (but can be done)
*) "anti-aliasing" ... to deliver reasonable image-quality

Automatic Deskew in Batch convert has an additional option "smooth" (softening the image), but also no options for "anti-aliasing" and "auto-crop".
But batch deskew without at least auto-crop is useless at all, because different rotated images are not cropable by other batch crop-actions in the same way. (And without "anti-aliasing" the results show a bad image quality too!)

So, my suggestion: Add both actions in Image View (maybe without separate options screen as default) and Batch Convert