Viewer - fullscreen - improve app closing routine

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Viewer - fullscreen - improve app closing routine

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XnViewMP 1.6.1 64bit
Windows11 (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

Viewer - fullscreen

to reproduce:
1. goto Settings > General > Startup
- set 'Start with file' to Viewer-Fullscreen
2. double-click image in win file explorer
image opens in fullscreen
3. press ESC
it looks like app swithes from Fullscreen to Normal mode - it take less than a second, but still visible and look very unpleasant
app will be closed

Suggestion A
improve app closing routine
- close app without switching from Fullscreen to Normal mode

Suggestion B
since in this case ESC behaviour changes: from switching to prev mode (Viewer-Normal/Browser) to quitting app,
I think it would be handy to have explicit setting in
Settings > Interface > Keyboard > Pressing ESC closes, eg something like:
- Viewer/Browser - Fullscreen (initial open)