Browser - quick filter - change shortcuts

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Browser - quick filter - change shortcuts

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XnViewMP 1.6.1 64bit
Windows11 (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

Browser - quick filter
few issues with default shortcuts:
  • CTRL+F - 'Advanced search' dialog
    this is not what you would normally expect if you see a 'Quick Filter' in the top right corner

Suggestion A
improve usability by
  • remove CTRL+Y shortcut
    as there is no Redo action in Browser mode
  • change CTRL+F shortcut to focus on 'Quick filter' control (same as in ACDSee, Lightroom, CaptureOne, etc)
  • add CTRL+SHIFT+F shortcut for 'Advanced search' dialog (same as in CaptureOne)
    however, I would prefer F3 as it is the default for searching (same as in ACDSee)
    current F3,F4,F7 shortcuts were normal for DOS days, but today's default shortcuts are very different

Suggestion B
I think it would be better to slightly adjust filter's positioning/targeting from 'simplified/normal' to 'normal/advanced' by:
  • rename 'Quick filter' control to 'Filter'
  • rename 'Search' dialog to 'Advanced search'

Suggestion C
  • add '...' button to the 'Quick filter' to invoke 'Advanced search' dialog
    it can be combined with ▾button to show dropdown with 'Quick filter' settings

  • Capture One

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Re: Browser - quick filter - change shortcuts

Post by michel038 »

I agree for all these suggestions, except perhaps renaming quick filter to filter.
"Quick filter" sounds pleasant :D