Browser - add Catalog pane

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Browser - add Catalog pane

Post by user0 »

XnViewMP 1.5.5 64bit
Windows11 (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

few issues I find inconvenient about Catalog in XnViewMP:
- unable to navigate through cataloged folders
- auto-import of visited folders

  • add Catalog pane
    it will bring Catalog closer to user (like in Lightroom) and helps to narrow the work area
    • remove Catalog maintenance group from Settings
    • however, not sure about proper location for Base path and Excluded/Included settings
  • add Auto/Manual cataloging switch
    I don't need every folder I open in the app to be catalogued. Manual cataloging mode should be selected by default.
    • Excluded/Included setting affects only Auto mode

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Re: Browser - add Catalog pane

Post by cicciobello »

I don't think this is a priority.
However, adding a "Catalog" panel seems good to me because you can get a visual idea (folder tree) of the catalog contents.
I remember that it is not mandatory to use this panel, but the idea is interesting.