Browser - add Catalog pane

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Browser - add Catalog pane

Post by user0 »

XnViewMP 1.5.5 64bit
Windows11 (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

few issues I find very inconvenient about Catalog in XnViewMP (that is inspired by ACDSee I guess):
- unable to navigate through cataloged folders
- auto-import of visited folders

  • add Catalog pane
    it will bring Catalog closer to user (like in Lightroom), helps to narrow the work area and manage orphan paths
    • remove Catalog maintenance group from Settings
    • however, not sure about proper location for Base path and Excluded/Included settings
  • add Auto/Manual cataloging switch (default - manual)
    Auto cataloging is bad, because:
    1. adding every opened media to the Catalog is NOT required (app is a viewer as well), simple as that.
    2. deceptive simplicity. It's easy to add categories and get orphan path when you move files with external file manager. There are a lot of posts where people "lost their metadata" and have to manually edit paths in db. If you have to add folders manually or enable auto cataloging, this will at least give some idea that file location matters.
    • Excluded/Included setting affects only Auto mode

  • pane (Lightroom, Capture One)
  • hidden in settings (ACDSee)

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Re: Browser - add Catalog pane

Post by cicciobello »

I don't think this is a priority.
However, adding a "Catalog" panel seems good to me because you can get a visual idea (folder tree) of the catalog contents.
I remember that it is not mandatory to use this panel, but the idea is interesting.