Settings - view - add Zoom tab, reshuffle controls

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Settings - view - add Zoom tab, reshuffle controls

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XnViewMP 1.7.1 64bit
Windows11 (23H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

Settings - view
lack of settings grouping, which is not convenient


  • Zoom
    - split Zoom settings into separate tab
    - remove 'step' from Zoom step options in combobox
    - move 'Reset X/Y (No fit)' under 'Auto zoom'
  • Background
    - group Background settings
    - add 'Canvas background color' setting (from Viewer menu Edit>Background color...)
  • Selection
    - group Selection settings
    - rework 'Selection' combobox into 'Show grid lines', 'Normal' option replaced with checkbox
    - rename 'Phi grid' → Golden ratio (Phi)
    - add 'Dim background' setting
  • Quick Slideshow
    - split into new tab (2nd level)

  • Background
    - group settings into Viewer and Canvas Background

  • tabs
    try to reorganize settings between ui appearance and something more technical
    - rename 'View' → 'Viewer'
    - rename 'Misc.' → 'Render'
  • Background
    - minor renaming
  • Selection
    - add 'Dim background' slider

C - preferable
same as B, plus
  • general
    - move
    • Save change to file [Ask] → General > File operations > Save group
    • Loop on the file list → View > Filter
      - rename 'Filter' tab to 'File list'
      - use two groups 'File list' and 'Filter'
    - rework - rename
    • Reset 'Auto zoom' setting with next/previous file →
      Reset zoom to 'Auto zoom' setting on file change OR
      Reset custom zoom on file change
    • Reset X/Y (No fit) →
      Reset X/Y position on file change (No fit) OR
      Reset X/Y position on file change ('No fit' only)
    • Zoom on HiDPI screen: 1 image pixel equals 1 screen pixel →
      Scale on HiDPI screen: 1 image pixel equals 1 screen pixel

  • acdsee
  • nomacs
  • photoshop - selection options
  • transparency grid

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