include SVG graphic files

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include SVG graphic files

Post by hgrobe »

Hallo, svg ( is one of the standard graphic file formats and commonly used for graphic exchange and presentation on the Internet - see e.g.
It seems, that XnView can not show previews of this file format. The attached screen shot shows a folder with 3 jpg files and the same 3 in svg format. jpg is shown, svg is not shown in the preview window of XnView. drag n drop produces a freezing of xnview.
thank you and all the best - Hans
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Re: include SVG graphic files

Post by DerRuhri »

oh, it does. You just have to add it to the formats to display

- Menu: Tools -> Settings -> File List -> Custom Filter -> Include List
- add "svg svgz"
- choose whether you want to have it displayed, also displayed in thumbnail view, also displayed in preview

only downside from my POV is that as a sundry collection, you can't use different settings for different additional file types in the Include list
same thing with the "open with" association

I'm literally handling 1000s of SVGs using that approach. Far more serious shortcoming is, that metadata handling using sidecar files is still buggy, else I'd have the company I work for switch to XnView.