Advanced search / filters DIM style

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Advanced search / filters DIM style

Post by kweso »

Hey all,
I know there is quick search and the advanced search. And both are ok. And then there is the categories filter.
The main problem I have is that I cant search for files via two key strings (eg: in case of produkt images: search for every image with "grey" AND "large" in the filename). And then the advanced search is not very handy: First open a popup then search and then show as thumbnails...
Anyways: since I use Destiny Item Manager (a third party tool to manage the inventory of a videogame I am a bit spoiled by their filter system.
Essentially it is just one small textfield that takes a series of search terms, tags and features. And the filtering happens in real time. In case of DIM it just greys out all items that are not in the results. But it would be the same if all files not in that result list would be filtered out.
In case of a file/image browser it would look something like this:
(("grey" or "mauve") and "large") rating:>=2 exifDateTaken:20220101-20220930 longside:<1920 ratio:<1.77
I hope you understand what I mean. And I dont know anything about application coding, if that would be hard or easy to implement.
It would be AWESOME though!
Just a thought...
Have a great day!