"Save selection..." in context menu (View/Fullscreen)

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"Save selection..." in context menu (View/Fullscreen)

Post by adrem85 »

At the moment, in the context menu in View / Fullscreen modes there is a command "Crop...", but there is no command "Save selection...", which, in my opinion, is not logical and not very convenient for those users who often use the command "Crop..." (it is not always necessary to "cut" the file has been completely overwritten, often it is required that the original remains).

My suggestion: add the command "Save selection..." to the context menu in View/Fullscreen modes. Preferably - right under the item "Crop ...".

Of course, it's good that there is a keyboard shortcut (Alt+S), but not everyone is comfortable with it. For example, I'm used to using the context menu more.