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Import and sort improvements

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First of all thank you SO much for this software! The import and sort feature is saving me ridiculous amounts of time organizing random folders into folders by date.

A couple feature requests:
--Add "Import and sort" to right-clicking on folders. That would be so much faster than having to re-select the folder in the Import and Sort dialog box when navigating around in the browser.

--Different handling for photos which have the same name, but are totally different photos.

Right now if two photos have the same name, XnView asks if you want to skip or rename them, which is great, EXCEPT, say you have two files named `image.png` and `image.png`, and both have different file sizes, different image data, and are completely different; if you had already hit "Skip All" for files which are legitimately copies of the same file, you would MISS these totally distinct `image.png` files.

As a more complete example:

Say I have a "Source" folder with:
- IMG_0001.jpg
- image.png (which is a picture of an owl, and is of size 1 MB)

And a destination folder which has:
- IMG_0001.jpg
- image.png (which is a picture of a dog, and is of size 2 MB)

When you "Import and sort" on the Source folder, you will get asked about what you want to do about IMG_0001.jpg, which is the same photo as in Destination. If you hit "Skip All", the `image.png` that is a picture of an owl will NOT end up in the destination. So you will think you have moved all your photos to the destination and delete the Source not knowing that it didn't copy the image.png of the owl.

If that case were handled separately from the legitimate, same-name, same file size, same image data case, this would be a perfect tool!

Thanks so much!