Better filter for noise reduction

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Better filter for noise reduction

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Camera sensors are getting more and more pixels. Pixels are getting smaller and smaller. With increased image noise everywhere.
So the reduction of this image noise is now and will also be in the future a very important part of each image workflow.

The existing "Reduce noise" filter in XnView MP does not help in my tests (in fact, I could not recognise any difference after using it).

A possible solution is using G'MIC with it's powerful Repair => Smooth filters including "NL Means" and others.

But to use the full power of XnView MP and especially it's Batch possibilities, a good XnView MP native "Reduce noise" filter is needed.

I made some tests with other tools and found a simple but very good solution in "Pinta", the tiny little Open source child of Paint.NET:

To be honest, I don't understand how the filter works technically, but the code looks not very complicated: ... eEffect.cs

My suggestion is to implement something similar (or another, good working denoising filter) into XnView MP to complete the (batch-) photo workflow.