Tools > Compare allow adjust brightness & fast move

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Tools > Compare allow adjust brightness & fast move

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In case photos you compare are under exposed would be nice to be able to adjust brightness temporary while comparing without applying brightness setting to the image files.

Perhaps you could allow to adjust brightness and contrast (or better yet apply Levels) not to the image itself, but to the one of 4 windows of Tools > Compare so every image loaded in that window will have brightness boosted only when viewed in that window and without applying this change to the image file itself.

Another feature would be faster Move to with hotkey rather than having window popup every time to select where to move image. If you study image culling process inside Lightroom or FastRawViewer they do it like this, have hotkey to move image either to folder _Selected and another hotkey to move image to folder _Rejected. Folders created automatically as sub folders of folder where you compare images.
This is very convenient when you have to compare lots of images.
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Re: Tools > Compare allow adjust brightness & fast move

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