Draw - shapes - swap controls | resize cursor | color points

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Draw - shapes - swap controls | resize cursor | color points

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XnViewMP 1.4.5 64bit
Windows11 (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

some UI updates

Suggestion A - rectangle, ellips
  • swap Opacity and Fill controls in both tools
    it will look better because Opacity applies to the entire shape and it also matches layout of the Line tool controls.
    draw_shapes_swap controls.png

Suggestion B - rectangle, ellips
  • resize cursor for top-left and bottom-right corners shall be , not as on screenshot below:

Suggestion C - line, rectangle, ellips
  • add Transform controls (size, position, rotation, mirror), like in Photoshop

Suggestion D - rectangle, ellips, line, text
it is better to change
  • shape selection
    - points from solid red to hollow white. Usually solid point(s) means 'selected' and you can move it separately.
    - lines from red to black (or blue), same solid style
  • text selection
    - lines from red to black (or blue), style same (but more space between dashes) or solid
few UI examples

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