Set zoom limit for Zoomed Selection tool

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Set zoom limit for Zoomed Selection tool

Post by FKCapitalism2 »

I seldom use Zoomed Selection tool because currently is very confusing and unpredictable as to what zoom level it will output. For example if my camera is 16MP i don't need to ever zoom beyond 200% maximum because then image is way too pixelated.

Currently Zoomed Selection tool's zoom level is defined by the size of the selection rectangle you draw.


need to zoom house on this image 200%


I draw a Zoomed Selection frame around the house


it zooms to 482% where all is pixelated and useless zoom level.


In reality needed to zoom 200% .


In order to get zoom level 200% with Zoomed Selection tool would have to precisely guess the right size of selection box before drawing it, which is unrealistic.

Feature request: provide ability to specify max zoom limit for Zoomed Selection tool (say no more than 200%) so it will never zoom more than that, simply use center of selection as center of zoom area.

P.S. Of course can zoom out with minus (-) key on keyboard, but its extra work, imagine need to look trough 100+ images and check if subject is in focus, this additional work makes XnView MP less efficient for that task.