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Keith Curtis
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image filter live refresh

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I have tried all options to update my image filter plus searched the forums and I will try to explain an option that would be real useful and seems to be missing from pretty much all photo programs except Lightroom and Breezebrowser.

One of the biggest and hardest jobs in photography is culling to end up with the very best and in Lightroom to do this I give them all a 3 star rating and set the filter to hide anything rated lower. The great thing is that it is live and refreshes ever time I type 2 or lower making it easy to compare by scrolling back and forth dropping out the rejects until I am finally left with my selection. You can always go through at the beginning giving all the shortlist a 3 but you do find the last one in a set tends to be the best. Sometimes going back and forth you see tiny changes in a persons expression with maybe the eyes slighty more open when the are side by side which started a long way apart then all the rejects between are removed.

I have tried the same in XnVew whereby as a test I rated half a dozen images 2 star then set a filter so only those showed. I then changed a couple to 1 star but they did not drop from view not even with the F5 refresh.

Would it be possible to set the filter to live updates? which would be great.