Batch convert - Canvas resize - Relative behaviour

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Batch convert - Canvas resize - Relative behaviour

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XnView MP 1.4.3 64bits
Windows11 64bit (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

Batch convert dialog
Relative values are not linked to main W & H values. They work as two separate sets.

It is better to link them so they affect each other, as it is in e.g. Adobe apps

for example

Code: Select all

main = original w & h
main: 800x600

ACTION                       RESULT
change main                  modified_main: 804x600
tick Relative checkbox       relative:      4x0     (modified_main - original)
change relative              relative:      66x0
untick Relative checkbox     modified_main: 866x600 (original + relative)
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