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interaction And More

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hi every1

With all the respect that each person deserves, my suggestion is that there be more camaraderie in this forum, there is not much communication, old threads are taken up again after years, and so on.

I think that this topic will also be omitted, as well as many other posts that I see that are omitted

many of you share the bugs of the software, they take little importance or perhaps nothing of importance, or they are taken up again after years, I do not find the coherence to have a forum like this

my words were respectful

that was my humble suggestion, more camaraderie in this forum, and taking importance about the bugs of the software and the suggestions

NOTE: now i´m looking for another viewer, because the bugs of this software don´t let me use it comfortably!

right now irfanView is the best choice!

XnView is much better, but the bugs are an impediment to use it comfortably, it only needs 3 bugs to be fixed and for me XnView would be the perfect software!

but those 3 bugs are killing me!
if those bugs aren't fixed, there are a lot of steps to do to accomplish the same task, and that's not the way to use it

impossible use it like this!

Thank you for reading
Always Keep Going :wink: