Screen capture: filename suggestions

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Screen capture: filename suggestions

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The autosave option of capture screen tool is a great improvement. Thank you.

I now miss the fact that filenames could be a little more customized.

I would suggest that at least a prefix could be choosen and added automatically to the file name.

Another very useful feature would be that when capture is concerning the active window, then the name of this window would be integrated in the filename. This way for exemple, when capturing a full screen view of an image viewed from inside xnviewMP (I use to do some (very) quick cropping this way...) I would have automatically the name of the original image in its new name: [Original_filename.ext] - XnviewMP [Date and date of capture].extension. ShareX allows to do that but sometimes the content of its capture of full screen image in XnviewMP yields unexpected results...

Thanks for the good work