Add GPS position based on gpx file

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Add GPS position based on gpx file

Post by Corros »

Currently I use Geosetter to assign GPS coordinations to my files (preferrely my RAW files) after a hike.
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Re: Add GPS position based on gpx file

Post by michel038 »

I agree with this suggestion

If you have a gpx file, trace1.gpx for example, I think there is a workaround for Windows ...

Create an "Open with" entry in xnviewmp to add an exiftool command (see viewtopic.php?p=183222#p183222 )
Use this parameter :
-k "-geotag trace.gpx"
You can choose a name (double click in the first column) such as: geotag

Select some photos , right click , Open With , geotag

Exiftool will compare timestamps of the photos and those of the gpx file to add exif:gps coordinates to the photos.

I never tried this , maybe i miss something...
I think that if trace.gpx is in the same folder than photos, it will work ; otherwise enter it's full path in "open with... > geotag" parameters

Other way, : use PicaGeotag freeware to create or adjust coordinates on a map. It also reads gpx files.