View multiple GPS positions

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View multiple GPS positions

Post by michel038 »

When 2 or more photos are selected, Tools > Open GPS location in ... > does not work.
It works only for a single photo ...

Since Geosetter does not work anymore (some users have been able to change the maps, not easy), some additional functions for XnViewMP would be appreciated ...

It's probably a hard work , but showing multiple pointers, choose default scale, setting GPS coordinates by clicking on a map, moving points ... would be helpful ...

Are there users who support this suggestion ? ... (For my own use, I always find workarounds or other softwares :mrgreen: )
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Re: View multiple GPS positions

Post by cicciobello »

This is very good!
You can select multiple photos and view them on the map, and you can quickly assign/modify its GPS coordinates. Super cool!

Another suggestion: ability to use offline map files by placing them in a subdirectory. You can use them offline and viewing/zooming is obviously very fast. For another program I use mapfiles from AndroidMaps:

Offline map files are large, but the benefits are clear. However, the use of offline maps can be at the user's choice.
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Re: View multiple GPS positions

Post by user0 »

Yeah, something like Lightrooms map or Darktables map would be nice to have.