Feature request: measure tool

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Feature request: measure tool

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I miss a lot a quite simple tool that would add a new feature to an already rich swiss-knife software: a measure tool

- It would be available in view mode
- It would allow user to draw one or more straight lines in any direction with the length in pixel displayed (If a color could be choosen : perfect)
- a reset button would erase all previous line drawn.

To be even more useful : An automatic conversion option to display size in user units:

- at the right of the option tool bar user could activate a "User unit" section
- when activated it would allow to choose between entering a number of pixels in one field or to draw a reference line (different than the others)), entering the corresponding length in user unit and third field would be the input for the user unit (µm, mm, mile...). Then lengths displayed at the side of the drawn straight lines would be in user units.

ideally, the numerical fields would accept input with mathematical operations

Thanks for the good work !