Menus for Edit GPS data

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Menus for Edit GPS data

Post by herb »

Hello Pierre,

thanks for the new version 1.4.0 of XnViewMP.

I have seen that menu "Edit GPS data..." is only available in
Browser: Tools --> Metadata --> Edit GPS data

For me it is missing in context-menu of a selected image/thumbnail. Here only "Edit IPTC" and "Edit XMP" is shown.
It is also missing Viewer: Edit

If no technical reason is against, please add "Edit GPS data..." to context menu and also to menu "Edit" in viewer mode.

Thanks in advance
Best regards
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Re: Menus for Edit GPS data

Post by michel038 »

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... and in the customization of the Toolbar for "Viewer mode" , cmd Edit GPS is missing ...
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Re: Menus for Edit GPS data

Post by user0 »

I suggest proper unification of metadata menus in toolbar and context, same for Viewer/Browser modes:
Metadata - unify menu group in Browser/Viewer toolbar and context menu