UI feature request: zoom/fit commands more reachable

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UI feature request: zoom/fit commands more reachable

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"Settings > [View or Fulscreen] > Auto image size" offer a lot of useful options that are not available easily when user wants to use one of them "manually"

AFAIK, user has to go into "Settings > Interface > shortcuts" to discover how to apply "Fit to window" zooming occasionally, and the other fit options are not available if a shortcut is not given to them... I hope I am missing something more obvious !


"View > Zoom" menu should include

- all the "Fit" options.
- a custom zoom value (not sure that the long list of value would still be needed)
- a "set custom value" entry
- a "custom fit" choice
- a "set custom fit" entry

A drop down zoom menu in the toolbar would give access to the zoom and fit choices.I think that "Fit to window" should have its own button, but it could also be a "custom fit" button, if so then, let's consider a "custom zoom" button

Ideally custom zoom value and custom fit choice should also have their own shortcut

Thanks for listening