Grid settings improvement requests

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Grid settings improvement requests

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1- Spacing value is limited to 99 while offset can be 1000.

Could you consider allowing higher values for these two fields ? 2000 seems reasonable to me.

2- When division is selected: offset should be greyed out and not effective. Currently this setting in division mode adds a line inside the grid which makes no sense to user.

3- Pixel unit of spacing is screen pixel, while divisions is relative to the image. It would be useful to be also able to define a spacing in image pixels.

I would suggest that user be able to choose the "kind of pixel" for the spacing section (spacing + offset): image or screen

🔘 Divisions.[value field]
🔘 Spacing...[Value field]
....Offset....[value field]
.....Pixels.....[menu button : Image vs Screen]

Thanks for listening

1.4.0 beta 2