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Search by month

Post by HNK »

Howdy and thanks for your precious work developing XnView

Any chance to get search by month for Creation date, regardless of a specific year?
[even better, search across months, for instance: Between December 4th and January 16th]

Thanks a lot!
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Re: Search by month

Post by GeorgD »

+1 because of two motivations: 1) I usually remember the season much more reliably than the exact year. 2) I often want pictures of all e.g. summer vacations – i.e. all years in a range – with a certain activity (=IPTC keyword) or location (not possible yet, see feature request GPS suggestions). Hence, currently, I need to dive into the folder of a certain year, search, go to the folder of another year, search again, and repeat this until all relevant years are done.

Idea for implementation: In Search > Conditions > Add > EXIF Taken date, I would like to see the operators "is in month(s)" with a possibility to select Jan, Feb,... Personally, I'm fine with a calendar popup as well as a comma seperated list ideally also accepting ranges, e.g. "1-3,11-12" to fetch winter pictures of all years, and perfect would be a button opening a calendar popup filling the text field with a comma separated list – so it's easy to use and users learn the more efficient way.
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Re: Search by month

Post by michel038 »

It's a good idea to have the abilty to search for dates with complex criterias...

For now, I store my photos in folders named like this :
2023-12-25 Christmas Paris I use search in pathnames, containing -12- ... to get all events happening in December....