From Classic to MP - old-loved convenience

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From Classic to MP - old-loved convenience

Post by Dirk13 »

I just switched from XnView Classic to MP.
Especially "Import and sort" is a great feature, thank you! :-)

There are two minor, but convenient features I really liked in "Classic" and miss them somehow in MP
1. The function "Send by email" now seems only to be in the "Tools" menu of the browser. It is neither to be found in the Tools-menu of the viewer, nor in the context menu of the picture (right-click on a picture in the browser).
2. In the old interface, under Options -> General -> Keyboard/Mouse, there was the point "Left button in selection", which I used to zoom. Now I have to use the keyboard with the Ctrl-button to do this.

If you find an easy way to enhance MP with these old-loved features, I would be very happy.