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Support for category maintenance

Post by nji9 »

I do use XnViewMP mostly because of its category system
for my photos and my collection of cartoons and animations.

From time to time it happens to me that I come across a situation
where I notice that my categorizing isn't consistent
(something is missing, not used, bad partitioned etc.).
But this happens just occationally, mostly then when I'm
in need to find something etc.
So it would be nice if XnViewMP would provide support to
identify the weaknesses of my categorizing a priori.

Actually XnViewMP already has one function for that:
Special Items / Uncategorized.

Which could easily be extended to a "Bottom10" for
the objects that are assigned to only 1, or 2 etc.

Then the same for the set of categories could be shown:
The "Bottom10" of labels that are not used, used only
very few etc.

Moreover I already suggested a Top10 list of those combinations of labels
that are fulfilled by large sets of objects which can't
be "refined" by adding categories.

All these three types could be offered at "Special Items".

Of course it's just a "nice to have", but I'm pretty sure
many users of it will be astonished about the "holes"
of their category system these support functions will reveal.

The "Category Set": "Suggested" is also that kind of
support functions I'm talking about.