Metadata - merge all dialogs into single one

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Metadata - merge all dialogs into single one

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XnView: MP 1.3.1 64bits
OS: Windows 64bit (22H2), display resolution 3840x2160, win scaling 150%

There are too many metadata related dialogs and they all look diferent.

Merge all Metadata related dialogs in a single dialog and minimize use of tabs (see how Photoshops' dialog look much cleaner over GIMP's one).
As for me, Photoshop's UI is the best one here as it is easy to use, understand and navigate. However I would improve it further with a seach field, like here

  • modal dialog (e.g. photoshop, gimp)
  • side panel (e.g. lightroom, acdsee)

ps: related suggestion:
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