Set selection ratio & size menu improvements

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Set selection ratio & size menu improvements

Post by ed-man »

Being able to cut and paste between images is a powerful feature that XNView MP already supports. But sometimes the paste also needs to be scaled larger or smaller while preserving the ratio. XNView MP supports this too, but it is a bit awkward when the often non-standard image ratio of a clipboard item is pending insertion. I believe it would be helpful to many for XNView to have access to the image ratio of the clipboard, perhaps as an addition to the "Set selection ratio" menu item, and/or as a enhancement key, just as using the shift key automatically squares the selected area during the selection process. i.e. the control key could automatically use the image ratio of the clipboard item. The result is that the image ratio of the pasted item is always preserved, regardless of how it much it was scaled.

Another possibly interesting improvement is depopulating the "Set selection size" menu with some of the presets and adding some programmable selections. The menu should also display the programmed value of the presets if they exist, maybe in a box so a person types them in or corrects them as required.

Thanks for developing an excellent program... ed