JXL: JPG/ GIF Embed-Mode

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JXL: JPG/ GIF Embed-Mode

Post by nji9 »

JXL has the option of lossless embed JPG and GIF format.
The advantage compared to JXL-lossless is that
- it encodes about 30 times (!) faster and
- the file size is even smaller.

I took a 9 MPixel JPG (98%, 4-4-4)
File sizes
Orig: 7.2 MB
JXL lossless: 8.6 MB in 35s
JXL (JPG embed): 6 MB in 1s

The JXL embed option seems most useful for lossless;
but also if you're not too keen on small file sizes
(JXL -q90 (default) encodes to 1.6MB in 6s)

So my suggestion is to offer the "embed" option
in the JXL save options.

A checkbox should do like "[x] Embed mode"
beyond the other options.
It should be visible only if the prerequisites
are fulfilled (unchanged JPG or GIF)
If it is checked the both options above should be grayed.

So this would be most easy to handle
while the user has all the options JXL offers.
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Re: JXL: JPG/ GIF Embed-Mode

Post by Kadet »


This should be added to the Export function.