No folder thumbnails for Videos (AVI MP4 MPG)

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No folder thumbnails for Videos (AVI MP4 MPG)

Post by trancer110 »

I miss the following function, if there are only video files in the folder, there is no preview/thumbnail image.
It would be nice if there was the possibility to see 4 thumbnails or one thumbnail for the folder.

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Re: Only Videos (AVI MP4 MPG) in Folder but no thumbnails

Post by Micha200 »

Incredibly good Idea, I don't understand at all why this function doesn't already exist. :?: :?: :?:

Dear XnView team, please integrate it in the next update! :!: :!: :!: :!: :!:

Please push to integrate this function

:bugconfirmed: :bug: :bugfixed: