Sorting - Option to sort according to Windows folder individual settings

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Sorting - Option to sort according to Windows folder individual settings

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Currently, there's no option to sort files according to Windows folder individual settings.

For instance, in Windows Explorer, if one clicks to open an image within a folder ordered by date/ descending Xnview won't open the next image file in that order, unless it is set to do so in the file BROWSER settings. Fine then, let's set up that browser setting.

Now we click to open an image that is on another folder, within a series of files named 001.jpg, 002.jpg, 003.jpg and so on. We don't want it to open in date/descending order. In this case, we just want to click on the first image (001), have XNview open that file in the VIEWER and when moving across the images within the VIEWER, either through keyboard Pgup/down or by clicking the arrows on the toolbar, we want it to display the next image! (002) But then we have to go to xnview browser settings and CHANGE from date/descending to name/ascending.

Then we want to click on a file on another folder, within Windows Explorer, that is configured in a date /descending mode. So we have to change again the setting...

So I ask if there could be an option to either have Xnview follow Windows Explorer folder settings, or maybe an easily accessible toggle button in the VIEWER toolbar, that could allow user to change sorting way in one click, without having to double-click on the file... open the browser View menu > enter submenu Sort by > change the setting?

Currently there's no Sort by button in the available buttons set for the viewer, as the attached image shows!
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