Batch Convert - skip option.

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Batch Convert - skip option.

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As batch converts tend to -always- open and rewrite the file, a 'Skip if option is already satisfied'.

As an example.

If you set up a batch resize to reduce all pictures to matching 1080 on the short side, an option to say 'skip if smaller' would be a nice option. That way the file is just glanced at, then the conversion continues. Right now, if it's 1775x883, it _still_ is recompressed, which is a waste of resources when the picture size is unaltered.

Perusing the documentation for nconvert, it doesn't appear to have that ability either. I use XnViewMP for it because I use another tool to find the files dumped into my NAS, then process them.

My wife isn't very good at resizing, it's a dump and go situation.

Thank you for all the work you've put into this. I suggest this to anyone who is looking for picture functionality beyond what Microsoft can provide.