Slideshow Improvements for OBS

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Slideshow Improvements for OBS

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Hello! My first post! I'm happy to be here. I discovered XnViewMP 1 year ago and it is absolutely amazing what it is capable of!

Enough of that...onto what I'm thinking.

I stream on Twitch and use OBS to broadcast. I recently tried to set up a slideshow of transparent images using their built-in solution, but it has too many technical limitations and isn't practical (for example, only being able to use between 10-16 picture files). XnViewMP is the ideal candidate for a third party slideshow app to replace this.

Is it possible to do the following?

1. Make the slideshow background transparent instead of having to select a solid color (in my case, I use black). If there is an option to do transparent backgrounds with no background color at all, then my images can easily be overlayed over other graphics and can easily be placed anywhere on my stream screen without a solid background blocking or hiding other things behind the slideshow. This is the one thing the built in OBS software can actually do right, so I'd like to believe it is possible.

2. Make the window title of the slideshow window a fixed name instead of the UNC path of each image it displays. This causes the window title to always change with the filename of the image being displayed. This makes it rough on OBS locating the window by title to display on stream. If it was a fixed name and never changes, then OBS would never lose it and I wouldn't have to manually reconfigure it for window capture each time I load up the slideshow.