Invert Zoom panning

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Invert Zoom panning

Post by HonoredMule »

I have move set to left click with the "Pan and Zoom" tool enabled, and when I click the zoom centers on my mouse pointer, which is great. But then when I move the mouse pointer, the zoom behaves as if I'm dragging the canvas, rather than the camera over the canvas.

So suppose I'm viewing full screen and click in the top left corner, zooming into the top left corner. Now if I want to scan over the image I need to drag up and to the left - but I'm constrained by the monitor. You could hide the mouse pointer and move the canvas independently, but then:
  • I'll have moved my hand and physical mouse up and to the left and will need to do it quite a bit more, making an uncomfortable reach/requiring mouse lifting
  • When I let go my hand/mouse will be way up and to the left while my pointer isn't nearly that far (loss of absolute positioning/breaking spatial memory)
In my opinion it would be far more comfortable and usable to treat the zoom movement as if it's moving the camera (or a magnifying lens) rather than the canvas. Now I can move up and to the left, click to zoom in on that corner, and drag south and to the right to scan over the entire image, reaching the opposite corner at the hand/mouse position that would (and still does) bring the mouse pointer to the bottom right corner of the window.

Pretty please?