Creation of new categories

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Creation of new categories

Post by jadO »

Some suggestions for ease creating categories:

1. Add a context item 'New category' so that categories can be created via right click in Explorer view. Currently through right click only existing categories can be assigned.

2. In XnviewMP each category is unique, even if names are identical. However there is no way to create a new category with an existing name via the input field in the panes Categories and Category Sets. The option [Create New] does not get offered when the typed name already exist. So it might be an idea to offer the option to create a new category also even when the typed name already exist, because it would be much faster to create a category through this. Otherwise the user has to switch to the Categories pane or the Categories Filter, select the desired parent category in the tree and create the new category there.
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Re: Creation of new categories

Post by Rick »

I don't know what layout you have but I have on the left side Folders, Favorites, category filters and categories
If you set your categories from that module you can add, move, combine or do about anything else with them