Suggestion to enhance the search function

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Suggestion to enhance the search function

Post by jadO »

I have several suggestions for the search function:

1. Is it possible to make the search window in a way that it can be used as pane, so it can be made always visible (for cases when you have to many searches in a row)?

2. I have just looked at the comparing operators that are available for 'Categories' and they seem to be insufficient. For me only following operators are available: 'is', 'contains' and 'does not 'contains'. Maybe it is a bug? Clearly at least the operator 'is not' is missing. That operator is generally available, if you select 'Embedded comment' as value you get offered many more operators to select from. So my suggestion is to add operator 'is not' for 'Categories' value as well.

3. When selection 'Categories' as value, I have to select the categories via the categories tree. To find the right category is very tedious if you have many categories with a lot of subcategories. My suggestion is if it is possible to use a search as you type input field to find the categories faster?

4. The operators 'contains' and 'does not contain' currently don't make sense to me as I only can select categories by checking them. So I can not include or exclude parts of category names. So my suggestion here would be to use a text input field, in which I can type a string or regex to include for comparison as well.

5. When you have a lot of categories it is nearly impossible to amend an existing condition as it is nearly impossible to find the category that has been checked in the categories tree. My suggestion is to offer a way to locate the categories that have been checked to be able to change the condition.
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