Import & Sort / managing RAW directories

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Import & Sort / managing RAW directories

Post by fedelin »

Over years many photographers (myself included) end up with naming inconsistencies in their RAW files from a folder to another. It can be due to:
  • personnal improvement in naming convention
  • different DSLR sources
  • receiving pictures from 3rd party photographers
  • focus has been put on the name of resulting files (jpg, png) and not to RAW
XNVMP embends a powerfull renaming engine allowing one to remane exactly the way he wants, including RAW with their companions files (that can be customized into the "file list" sub-menu in "settings"). So what is the point?
Well, renaming 10 of thousands of RAW+companions original files by modifying their name is touchy. Of course a backup can be done upfront but what if the result is not the one expected? Then you must conduct tests before with the risk of doing wrong backup/restore manipulations and loose files. The good solution would be to duplicate on a new folder tree at the time the process is launched but neither the "batch rename" nor the "batch convert" functions do allow the combination of remaning + copying + keep file type unchanged.

Suggestion: use "import and sort" would be the perfect way to do this. The only missing thing is to have the option "Companion files linked for copy/move/rename action" being applied to "import and sort" as well...

If the feature is added, I swear I release a new tuto on my web site dedicated to XnViewMP :-)

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