Hotkey for Copy/move "File already exists"-dialogue

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Hotkey for Copy/move "File already exists"-dialogue

Post by jaybee604 »

Can we get Hotkeys for the window which opens when a file exists at the destination folder while copying/moving?

So in my case for example I browse a folder with new images with keyboard only. But when a filename already exists I am asked what to do: overwrite, skip, delete and rename. Every time this happens I have to switch from my keyboard to the mouse to choose the desired button. But Hotkeys would be very nice to let me stay at my keyboard and choose an answer without the mouse.

An alternative solution could be to let me navigate with the keyboard cursor keys to the buttons. This at the moment is only possible with the TAB-key which I find not a good solution. left-right-up-down would be much more logical when trying to select the desired button.