Add (full) support for browsing thumbs.db and thumbcache files?

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Add (full) support for browsing thumbs.db and thumbcache files?

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I was looking for a program that is able to open/read thumbs.db and thumbcache files (found at %localappdata%\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer).

There are some programs available that can fully read all the thumbnails that are indexed in those files ( and are two examples of free programs).

However, the aforementioned programs can only show the thumbnails one-by-one, in a LIST viewing mode.

Then i found XnViewMP. When i used it for the first time it seemed that it supported these files, but it didn't took long for me to realize it would only show the first thumbnail picture and not any other indexed thumbnails.

This is why i'm asking (begging) if you can please add full support for viewing any indexed thumbnails in both thumbs.db and thumbcache_*.db files, in gallery/birds-eye viewing mode, i.e. where more than one indexed thumbnail can be seen at once, preferably in a resizable window, with (whenever required) a movable vertical scrollbar.

Hopefully you'll consider implementing this. It would mean the world to me as i work with these files on a daily base (i often open these files to get a quick impression if i'm in the correct folder, without having to browse through all image files, separately).

Kind regards (and thank you for creating this wonderful software),