Allow Relative (Negative) Numbers in Batch Convert

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Allow Relative (Negative) Numbers in Batch Convert

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A major handicap of MP as related to Classic is: MP Batch Convert does not allow working with relative (negative/positive) numbers, which prevents cropping of, for instance, a photo of an Internet page in a same operation, forcing at least four operations, among crop X and Y of desired image, rotate 180°, saving, resizing the cropped page, cropping X and Y again on the new page, until you reach the clean desired image.

With the relative numbers of XN Classic, you can open Batch Convert: select Crop (under Image), enter the page size (Width and Height), enter X and Y; in the same box, select crop again, enter new page size, enter new X and Y. This process requires having written down the dimensions of the cropped page in orders to deduct from those new numbers the new X and Y, which will be negative numbers.

To prove my point, and as a contribution to XNview and this forum, I want to send you a form, in Excel, I made up some three years ago to enter and resolve all these figuring. It works in combination with Batch Convert/Crop in XnView Classic. If you do not have anything better, this form works perfectly. I urged myself to send it in because only recently I found out MP does not work with negative numbers in Batch Convert, and I know MP aims at replacing Classic.

For now I send a photo of the form, and ask you how can I send the working file to you, extension xlsx (Excel). If you will.
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Re: Allow Relative (Negative) Numbers in Batch Convert

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could you send me screenshot from Classic and picture used?
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