Automatic file selection for Slideshow

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Dany C6
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Automatic file selection for Slideshow

Post by Dany C6 »

In XnView Classic 2.49.2, when in Browser mode a folder is selected and the Slideshow is activated, all the files in the folder (and subfolders) are automatically selected for slideshow.
In XnView MP 0.95, this is not and you have to add the folder manually.
It would be nice to have the same behaviour also in XnView MP, with the additional option to include subfolders or not.
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Re: Automatic file selection for Slideshow

Post by richard4797 »

I would like to second this suggestion. :)
It's a feature that was in XnView Classic's slideshow.
Running a slideshow of a folder, with all the images that happen to be in that folder or its subfolders when the slideshow is started.