Option to Disable automatic Categories

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Option to Disable automatic Categories

Post by unqltango »

In Categories, I use a sophisticated (actually it is just way too complicated) keyword structure. I have multiple levels, categories under categories.

I really don't like when a new Category appears in my Category root, just because someone else already added some keywords to a picture.

I'd like to see a "Don't Add Categories Automatically to the Category List" option. (I'm OK with a shorter name.)
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Re: Option to Disable automatic Categories

Post by Jimbo325 »

This may be a late answer to your question, but, at least from what I see, do this:

If you enable in Tools | Settings | Metadata - "Import XMP subject or IPTC keyword to DB Categories" this means that these fields FROM the image files will be automatically imported into DB (Engine 1.b) for search, display etc. SO if you UNcheck this option. you will NOT automatically import categories from images.

If you change a Category by RMB menu, in Categories pane and/or in Category Sets pane it will be changed in DB (Engine 1.b.), BUT if in Tools | Settings | Metadata "Export DB Category to XMP Subject and IPTC Keyword" is checked then this info from DB will be saved ALSO in your file. If this setting is NOT checked then this info from DB will NOT be saved to your image file. The same applies to Rating and Color - they are controlled by similar checkboxes in the same Tools | Settings | Metadata pane.