360 - VR mode for photos

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360 - VR mode for photos

Post by tankut » Thu Mar 21, 2019 11:35 pm

Since XNView supports almost all common and esoteric image formats, I would think it would be really nice if it could display the most common equirectangular projection 360 (spherical) photos. These things are not new, and no longer require custom rigs - the cameras that that shoot and stitch them are widely available cheaply. They do make wonderful travel photos. Even the default Windows 10 photo viewer displays them, and I would think it would be nice if the wonderful XNView could do too.

Here are some examples how they look: https://kuula.co/explore

In XNView it could be a shortcut / menu item to toggle between modes.

Anyway. Thank you for this very useful and well made software.

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