"Similar files results" window really needs multi select capabilities

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"Similar files results" window really needs multi select capabilities

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Long time fan, first time Poster... Last summer I got introduced to XnView Portable, and this summer I needed image handling software again, and started with XnViewMP, and nearly found a software solution for purposes. Everything lines up so close, but doesn't do it.

I have inherited a few image libraries of overlapping volumes of files with same filenames, amended copies and duplicate versions, but primarily in different folders. I have yet to address "similar" files resized or reduced resolutions, which I assume will fall just as far short as my situation with duplicates, "similar" files that have matching images.
Finding the files works, and dealing with each file found is smooth. Unfortunately, the function and the usage are oriented towards the plural situation where there are multiple matches of 2 or more files in their respective folders. And the selection window uses the visual style that universally allows multi-select and view controls.

Reporting uninformed difficulty: Suggestion for added functionality: Request for solution:
  • "Similar files results" window really needs multi select capabilities
  • allowing Ctrl, Shift, and mouse clicks would have been such a relief
  • If only click and hold of mouse L-click had sticky selection, rather than running through the files that pass under the pointer, only holding selective focus on a single item at a time.
  • even having keyboard controls like Del, DwnArrow cycles would make life easier than clicking out the fate of each and every file selected by this search
  • or how about a list, printout, selection, batch processing, a hope, a dream, ...
  • something, anything ...
Thanks in advance, and compliments to the project.
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Re: "Similar files results" window really needs multi select capabilities

Post by psycik »

Any possibility of this being looked at? Or somethign that says: if items Similarity = 100 then allow all the first to be deleted